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Privacy statement

Talksroom takes your privacy seriously and take several measurements to ensure that personal data and other information obtained from our Visitors remains confidentially.

All data collected by the Site are processed fully automatically and because of that not read or watched by other people.

All information, provided by our Visitors to our Site and its Services, will normally be removed from the Site approximately one and a halve month after expiration of the related Services. Just the accounts remain available for a longer time, to support the Visitors by re-using their accounts at a new visit.

Access to your personal data

All registered Visitors should be able to see their contributions and other supplied data on the Site (as long as the information is still available). Personal data and the way it should be shown can be controlled and adjusted by the Visitor.

Personal data has been stripped of other data before it is being stored and because of that cannot be attributed to individual Visitors, unless obligated by law to keep it for some time.

The Site's nature and its aimed functions prevents the removal of discussion contributions, as this would pollute the related discussion which would conflict with Site's intention to present a faithful response of all earlier input. This makes it important to really think it through about one's contribution before actually add it to a discussion. Nevertheless, a message can still be adjusted for a short time after addition.

Collection and use of data

Talksroom uses data obtained via Services requested or used by the Visitor in the first instance to perform fast and smoothly, as well as to provide Visitors with requested or additional information. Besides, Talksroom may use all data to present personalized information, based on a previous Visit or use of the Site or other data supplied.

Personal data can also be used to detect (attempted) unlawful or punishable behaviour against Talksroom, the Site, its Services, related organisations, Visitors and employees, as well as attendance by a warning system to prevent problems, fraud or illegal activities.

The Site contains so-called robot software that scans all contributions automatically for the usage of certain words (in many languages) that may indicate the (attempted) unlawful or punishable behaviour, as mentioned above. Repeating detections will be passed on to the management of Talksroom automatically, that may decide to follow-up adequately.

The Site also stores general internet data, such as IP numbers used by Visitors, that browsers and computers usually send along via the internet, or can be detected by the Site automatically. This will be done to analyse the usage of the Site and thereby helping Talksroom to improve the Site and its Services, as well as to measure external references to determine (for example) the success of campaigns.

Data will not be sold to third parties

Talksroom will not sell personal data of Visitors to third parties and will only hand over information to others that are involved with the performance or operation at the Site or its Services, or for analysis to improve, optimise or guaranty the effect and performance of the Site and its Services. All employees as well as all third parties called in by Talksroom are obligated to consider the confidentiallity of all accesible data, as mentioned above.


A cookie is a small text file, that is sent to your computer when you visit a Site. It will be saved by your internet program (browser). A cookie normally contains data that helps the Site during your current or next visit to operate and show itself in the way you prefer.

In general, cookies are very useful, as you don't have to repeat settings that you already did before, like (for example) remembering the Site's password or your preferred language. Websites cannot read the data in a cookie of another website, making it impossible that others use the data in it.

Watch the 'cookies' page on this Site for more information about the Cookies used.

Emails and newsletters

Talksroom may send email via the Site to registered Visitors. For example, to pass on a status, send a new password, etc. Furthermore, newsletters may be sent occasionally to its customers, registered Visitors or to anyone that subscribed explicitly.

Unsubscribing newsletters can be done by means of the unsubscribe link, listed in every newsletter.

Secure transmissions

To protect all personal data as well as other confidential information, Talksroom uses generally accepted industry standards to protect your data during transmission as well. Amongst others, the Site uses secure connections (SSL), that is shown in a clear and obvious way by standard browers.

General terms

The Privacy Statement on this page is an addition to the General Terms of the Site and should be seen as part of the General Terms.

Click here to download the terms and conditions plus privacy statement as a pdf document.

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