Have discussions in a closed group with only people you know

Involve your travelling force or external parties as well

Multiple discussions with (sub) groups are possible

Authorization levels can be set per discussion

Moderate and summarize contributions, while retaining the original input

Translating contributions allow discussions in multiple languages

Don't waste time and only join discussions that are really important for you

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Talksroom tariffs

Talksroom has periods of 28 days.

The price for Talksroom is only 59 euros per periode. For this amount, 20 persons can use Talksroom.

This comes down to only 2.95 euros per person.

Multiple discussions can be lead within a room by the persons concerned for that amount. Each of the 20 persons can join one or more discussion in the created room.

If more people should be joining the discussions in your Talksroom, additional access blocks can be bought for 29 euros per period. This is for 10 persons (per access block) and comes down to 2.90 euros per person.

An access block from the 80th person onwards costs just 27.50 euros per period (for 10 personen). That comes down to just 2.75 euros per person.

An access block from the 150th person onwards costs just 26.50 euros per period (for 10 personen). That comes down to just 2.60 euros per person.

For groups of more than 200 persons, we allow extra discounts in the case of long lasting deals. Please, contact us for more information.

Start costs

For the use of a Talksroom we also charge a one time fee of 59 euros.

However, this amount will be deducted completely in the second period, which will allow 20 persons use Talksroom for free in the second period.

Flexible usage

It is possible to add more persons to your Talksroom than you pay for. However, actual using the room is only possible for the number of persons paid for.

You can determine yourself the persons that will have actual access, by enabling or disabling persons. When you disable someone, you can assign another person the next day already.

Additional opslag

For the above prices, you'll get a large storage at your disposal, what should be sufficient for intended usage.

Participants can also upload files (like documents and images) to discussions to share them with eachother. These files will be stored in your room as well.

If you want to share many or very large files via Talksroom, you may need to buy aditional storage blocks.

As soon as 80% of the available storage is in use, the room manager will get a warning, which allows the room manager to provide additional storage in time (if needed at all).

If uploading a file would exceed the 100%, the uploading will be blocked. Uploading will not be possible anymore until an additional storage block is bought (or previously uploaded files have been removed from the room.

Translate contributions

You can authorise a participant within your room to translate discussion contributions. This can be done for no extra costs at all.

If you don't have any decent translator, you can ask Talksroom to translate all new and contributed messages and summaries within a discussion for you. Of course, all messages will be treated confidentially and all our translators are swarn to secrecy.

The costs of our translators are dependent on different factors and on your specific requirements. Please, contact us for more information.

Payment and conditions

All prices are exclusive vat and may be increased once per year.

The dates of the periods of additional storage or access blocks, as well of translator services are equal to the periods of the access of the first 20 persons.

Payments for a room needs to be paid per period in advance. Additional services needs to be paid in advance as well. As soon as Talksroom has recieved the full amount, the corresponding services will be activated immediately.

At least 28 days before the end of paid period, you will get a warning and you will be able to already pay and activate the next periode (if needed). Note that payments will be presumed paid if the full amount has been paid by the room manager and received by Talksroom.

If additional access blocks haven't been paid fully anymore, actual access for the persons not being paid for will be blocked automatically. If storage blocks haven't been paid anymore, the oldest stored files will be removed from the room automatically. Talksroom will keep them for at most one more period and will be restored if the remaining costs will be paid before the end of that period.

You'll receive a pdf document with the formal invoice within a few days after the correct and full payment has been received by Talksroom. Talksroom may decide to delay to invoice to the begin of the next period if the total amount is below 50 euros, to combine it with the invoice of the next period.

The address on the invoice will use the address of the room manager (usually the person that created the room in the beginning).

Need help?

All elementary settings can easily be done by yourself. However, we can imagine that you prefer some help, or even have special requirements.

Let us know, we do want to help you get going!

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You only need to pay a small contribution for each participant of your discussions in your own Talksroom.

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