Have discussions in a closed group with only people you know

Involve your travelling force or external parties as well

Multiple discussions with (sub) groups are possible

Authorization levels can be set per discussion

Moderate and summarize contributions, while retaining the original input

Translating contributions allow discussions in multiple languages

Don't waste time and only join discussions that are really important for you

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Information about Talksroom

Talksroom is an independent project of JGJ in Venlo (NL), but is also offered by partners of JGJ. These partners present Talksroom as an addition to their own services.

Talksroom especially supports working out meeting issues, follow up professional training, shape up intial visions or supplying an efficient discussion platform for all kinds of cooperative styles.

Next to this is Talksroom being used to discuss complicated problems and challenges within companies and organisations. Creative suggestions and solutions can be presented to the group once someone comes up with an idea, allowing others to respond to it.

Meetings often require involvement of one or more external consultants or can be held by people from all different organisations all together. Of course, Talksroom supports this all in a correct and safe way.

Discuss topics in your own talksroom

Talksroom is a perfect tool to assign persons to a specific item, to discuss it and to search for solutions. Furthermore, different leaders and moderators may be added to each separate item or discussion.

To keep the discussions brief and to-the-point, every contribution can be shortened and summarized. As the original contribution will still be available, it can still be consulted to view all the details.

Additionally, a translator can be assigned to a discussion. This allows foreign workers to read and add contributions in their own (western) language.

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Need help?

All elementary settings can easily be done by yourself. However, we can imagine that you prefer some help, or even have special requirements.

Let us know, we do want to help you get going!

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By signing up, you can join discussions right away, or setup your own room.

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Joining one or more discussion at Talksroom is completely free.

You only need to pay a small contribution for each participant of your discussions in your own Talksroom.

Click here for the total price list.

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