Have discussions in a closed group with only people you know

Involve your travelling force or external parties as well

Multiple discussions with (sub) groups are possible

Authorization levels can be set per discussion

Moderate and summarize contributions, while retaining the original input

Translating contributions allow discussions in multiple languages

Don't waste time and only join discussions that are really important for you

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


A cookie is a small text file, that is sent to your computer when you visit the website. It will be saved by your internet program (browser).

With every next page of the same website that you visit, the file will be sent back to the website, so it knows that you are the same visitor and to adjust a web page accordingly, if necessary.

In general, cookies are very useful, as you don't have to repeat settings that you did already before.

Important: The data in a cookie can only be read by the website that originally sent the text file to your computer. So, the data will not be shared with other websites.

Cookies usage

This website uses just a small number of cookies.

Language remembering

The website remembers the language that you have selected. Thanks to a cookie, the website will be preset to the correct language automatically at your next visit.

The website uses the letters 'LN' as (technial) code for this cookie.

Password remembering

At logging in, you can indicate that you want the website to remember your password. This will actually be stored in a cookie on your own computer. Ofcourse, it will be encoded, to extra secure it.

The website uses the letter 'A' as (technical) code for this cookie.

Discussion cookie

The website remembers what happens in a discussion and by whom to faster show discussion pages. A special encoded cookie is being used to make this possible.

The website uses the letters 'CI' as (technial) code for this cookie.

Online payments

The website allows room managers to control access to their own room. Costs may be involved, that can be paid via this website in most situations.

The website may use one or two additional cookies, to track progress and payment methods, to remember this when you visit the website next time. This will avoid you from redoing some settings again.

The website uses the letter 'B' or 'T' as (technical) code for these cookies.

Session cookie

A so-called session cookie is a very useful (and crucial) cookie and takes care that the website can work at all.

Thanks to this cookie, the website remembers that you are logged in or performed specific actions, taking care to provide you with the information addressed to you personally.

Storage duration

A session cookie will be removed automatically by your internet browser, already after a few minutes after your visit to the website. The website will also remove the corresponding data soon after. The discussion cookie will be removed soon after this as well.

The other cookies will only be kept if you visit the website regularly. They will be removed automatically, when you haven't visited the website for several months.

Functional use only

As you can read above, the website uses cookies only for functional usage. Without these cookies, the website hardly behaves properly.

The website is exempt from asking you to accept track and trace cookies or third-party cookies, as these are simply not being used. A pleasant and safe feeling!


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