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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Condtions apply to the Talksroom website, referred to as Site, and all the functions and options the Site offers, referred to as Services.

The Terms and Conditions asserts rights and duties between the Site's initiator, manager and owner, all together referred to as Talksroom, and the visitors of the Site, referred to as Visitor.

Visitors that make use of the Site and its Services deemed to have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the Site, as well as to possible other relevant conditions and statements, as referred to in these Terms and Conditions.

Great care has been taken to translate the original Dutch version (including its intentions) of the Terms and Conditions into English. In the case of deviations between the different languages, the Dutch version will always get priority.

A Visitor can register itself at the Site, to make use of its specific Services. For this purpose, a Visitor needs to have an own email address, where Talksroom may assume that this email address can be used to send possibly confidential data of the corresponding Visitor.

The Site addresses companies, insitutes and orgnizations and by using the Site, the Visitor indicates that he/she is using the Site as employee, member or otherwise connected to/of a company, institute or organization and should not be considered a consumer or private person by Talksroom.

When a Visitor invites another Visitor to participate Services on the Site, the invitor is obliged to pay attention, that the invited person is also invited as employee, member or otherwise connected to/of a company, institute or organization and not as a consumer or private person.

All contact between Visitors and Talksroom goes via the Site or by email, where Visitors fetching Services should always use the emailadres that they used to register themselves on the Site. Direct personal contact (e.g. via telephone) is possible as well, but not until the Visitor has explicitly asked for it via the Site or by email and Talksroom has confirmed a date/time for this contact via the Site or by email.

Talksroom keeps and collects personal data of its Visitors that registered themselves to the Site. Ofcourse, Talksroom considers applicable laws and regulations. Talksroom will collect and process corresponding information as described in the Privacy statement, also available on this Site and that should be seen as an integrated statement of the Terms and Conditions.

Talksroom is doing its very best to show and operate the Site, its Services and messages. However, Talksroom will never be able to guarantee that there are no shortcomings or no mistakes being made. Using the Site or its Services by a Vistior will always be at one's own risk.

Talksroom may charge costs when using one or more Services on the Site, that needs to be paid in advance always. In exceptional situations, Talksroom may decide to allow buying on credit, taking a strict deadline for payment of 14 days into account, starting on the invoice date or the begin of the delivery of one or more of the corresponding Service (what ever came first).

Payment is considered to be done, if the whole amount owed has been paid in time. If the payment hasn't been taken care of in time, Talksroom may decide to not start (or stop - if already started) the operation of the Services or specific options immediately, without any further notice or warning.

If a payment is not being paid within 28 days, Talksroom is allowed to assume that the Visitor no longer wants to purchase the specific Services.

If one or more Services have not be bought for at least 42 days, Talksroom is allowed to remove all related parts from the Site. After this, the information will be kept on an external system in a confidential way for a period between 6 and 12 month in accordance with the law, where the information can only be retrieved against full payment of all costs that Talksroom makes to restore it. Hereafter, all information will be permanently removed, both at a moment and in a way that is to be decided by Talksroom.

Visitors may not use Talksroom for illegal, unlawful or otherwise prohibited purposes or related items or issues, nor for affairs or practices that may affect the image of Talksroom in a negative way. If one or more of the above is stated, Talksroom may close down the use of the Site and its Service immediately for each Visitor that is directly or indirectly involved, without reimbursement of any money paid for not yet or not yet completelely received Services or options.

Visitors using other Visitors' supplementary services, processed by third parties or providing these supplementary services and using the Site or the Services of the Site to communicate, making deals or otherwise contacting eachother, should always mutual settle disputes, without involving Talksroom in any way.

Talksroom cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect (subsequential) damage, caused by using the Site or Services, unless there's gross negligence or intentional act by Talksroom.

If Talksroom can be hold responsible, Talksroom can only be demanded to repair the defect(s), or to tecchnically neutralize them on the Site, at choice of Talksroom.

In the exceptional situation that the liability of Talksroom results in a compensation payment by Talksroom, it will never be more than 250 Euro per situation, taking similar occurences by one or more Visitors in a period of 6 months as one situation.

All claims to Talksroom, unless acknowledged by Talksroom in written, expire within the course of 12 months after the claim could have been initiated.

Talksroom can modify the Terms and Conditions or its supplementary conditions or statements at any time without prior notice. That's why Talksroom suggests Visitors to regularly read the Site's Terms and Conditions and its supplementary conditions and statements, to keep abreast of the most recent version.

If Talksroom allows or tolerate acquiesence defaulting Terms and Conditions incidentally or even more often, Talksroom may still demand direct and strict enforcement of the Terms and Conditions at any time. Visitor can never claim any rights, based on the facts that Talksroom has applied the Terms and Conditions with elasticy.

In the situation that a clause of the Term and Conditions is declared to be non-valid for a Visitor, it is assumed that the clause will be replaced automatically and immediately with a valid clause that appraoches the non-valid clause most.

Declaring a clause in the Terms and Conditions non-valid, have no effect for the other clauses. The other clauses will fully remain valid.

The contract is regulated by Dutch law.

In the case of a dispute, it will be settled by a authorized and qualified judge in or near Venlo (Netherlands), or in the residence of the Visitor (as long as it is in the Netherlands), at choice of Talksroom.

Click here to download the terms and conditions plus privacy statement as a pdf document.

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