Have discussions in a closed group with only people you know

Involve your travelling force or external parties as well

Multiple discussions with (sub) groups are possible

Authorization levels can be set per discussion

Moderate and summarize contributions, while retaining the original input

Translating contributions allow discussions in multiple languages

Don't waste time and only join discussions that are really important for you

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Meet in your own talksroom

Almost everyone uses Facebook, LinkedIn or one of the other social media these days. Use these skills to talk over other issues as well and (when needed) discuss them.

Where other platforms are meant to share personal information, Talksroom targets to share confidential information, with only the people you want to draw in the conversation.

Talksroom allows you to start an online meeting easily, with contributions of the participants at the most convenient moment for each of them, without missing an argument of anybody else.

Furthermore, Talksroom serves perfectly to follow up an inital (real) gathering where (for example) the intention or outline has been explained. Or to collect input and arguments via Talksroom to make discision in a short and effective final meeting.

Organize your own talksroom

You can add persons to your own (closed and private) room yourself, to join one or more discussion.

By dividing the meeting in different discussions, you can specify per discussion who and how someone participates. A different chairman or moderator may be assigned per discussion, to summarize and take the lead when necessary.

By adding translators to discussions, international meetings can be held without the need to input contributions in a foreign language.

These are just a few of the possibilities that Talksroom offers. Click here for further reading and more background information.

Features and possiblities will be extended regularly. Lots of features are about to be added or are being worked on at this very moment. Besides, we very much like to hear your ideas as well!

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Need help?

All elementary settings can easily be done by yourself. However, we can imagine that you prefer some help, or even have special requirements.

Let us know, we do want to help you get going!

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By signing up, you can join discussions right away, or setup your own room.

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Joining one or more discussion at Talksroom is completely free.

You only need to pay a small contribution for each participant of your discussions in your own Talksroom.

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